Michaela is a speaker, host, young women’s advocate, award-winning dancer, and the oldest of four sisters. She earned a double major in Public Relations and Dance with a specialization in Sports and Entertainment Communication Management from the University of Alabama.

Michaela won the title of Miss Florida 2019 and placed in the Top 15 at Miss America 2020, which aired live on NBC. During her year of service, she shared the message of “Brave & Beautiful: Breaking Free from Behind the Screen” to over 40 schools and churches and reached over 15,000 people. She established scalable partnerships for Brave & Beautiful with Media Literacy Now, the University of Florida’s Department of Education, and the Federal Trade Commission to advocate for young women’s social media literacy. Michaela hosts the “Be Brave and Beautiful Podcast,” which unlocks transformational secrets empowering young women to live on purpose, love without fear and lead from a heart to serve.

As Miss Florida, Michaela is a statewide spokesperson for several organizations including Advanced Recovery System’s “Real Talk,” where she educates middle to college-aged students on the risks of drug and alcohol abuse. She spoke to over 35 schools and 3,500 students, exceeding the identified outreach targets by 200%. She also educates elementary students on the Florida Everglades’ ecosystem and water conservation efforts through her partnership with The Everglades Foundation.

Throughout her collegiate career, Michaela remained on the International Dean’s List and President’s List and joined the the Carl Elliot Honor Society, National Society of Leadership and Success, and the Public Relations Student Society of America. During her senior year, Michaela won two Medallion Awards from The Public Relations Council of Alabama for “Best Media Kit” and “Best Communication Plan.” As a writer and editor for the online publication Platform Magazine, Michaela published several blogs and articles that focused on the advancement of the public relations industry.

From hosting professional indoor soccer games for the Florida Tropics to emceeing local competitions in the Miss America Organization, Michaela enjoys hosting several different events. Michaela’s hosting experience also includes presenting the “Best of the Best” corporate award shows across Florida as well as co-hosting on WFLA News Channel 8’s “Daytime” morning show.

Michaela’s recent honors include being inducted into the Lake County Schools Alumni Hall of Fame and being named the City of Clermont Champion for 2020. In March, Michaela was recognized for her achievements as Miss Florida on the floor of the Florida House of Representative and the Florida Senate.


“Michaela has been an advocate for Media Literacy Now, and I had the pleasure of working with her (2019-2020). She truly cares about teaching young people, girls in particular, to understand how media images and messages affect us, and how to be healthy and strong even when our culture can often lead us to be insecure and unhealthy regarding our bodies. She has interacted with high level executives and national policy leaders at professional conferences, and been a spokesperson for media literacy education in her role as Miss Florida. She is a fast learner, has great enthusiasm in tackling projects, has excellent communication skills, and is a pleasure to work with!”

Tamara Sobel, Advocacy Director for Media Literacy Now

“We booked Michaela to be a brand ambassador for our company in 2019. She was so exceptional that after the first time, we were thrilled to book her for another 30 appearances. She is truly phenomenal – she’s engaging, lights up a room and makes every audience member feel important. You can’t go wrong with Michaela McLean.”

Allison Walsh, Vice President, Advanced Recovery Systems

“Never in my life have I seen someone exemplify maturity and leadership at such a young age. Not only is Michaela outrageously captivating in her talent, but what truly makes her special is her attitude. She isn’t faking her smile or compassion. She looks you in the eye and doesn’t change based on who enters the room, and that authenticity shines through stage to stage.”

Kristen Estes, Co-Host of “Truth Be Told”

“Michaela McLean epitomizes authenticity.   This is evident when she is giving a speech, when she is representing the State of Florida, when she is inspiring students in middle and high schools, or even when she is dancing and reminding young girls children all over the globe of how brave and beautiful they are.  She is someone who will leave a mark on your life regardless of how long or for what reason you would be lucky enough to cross her path.”

Lize Landis, Founder of Five Oaks Ministries

“It has been a true pleasure working with Michaela this past year as her business manager. Her impeccable work ethic, creativity and desire to positively impact others is unparalleled. She has a delightful demeanor and is fiercely driven to tackle any adventure.”

Jennifer McKenna, Co-Director of the Miss Florida Program