Michaela McLean in Brave & Beautiful Jacket


Michaela McLean co-founded her social impact initiative, “Brave & Beautiful: Breaking Free from Behind the Screen.” As a leader, role model, and older sister, Michaela has personally interacted with young women all over the world and is well acquainted with the struggles they face. Through public speaking and live performances, her message of “Brave & Beautiful,” has reached thousands from orphanages, junior high and high schools, churches and sorority houses. Over the past ten years, her outreach has taken her to three continents and six different nations including Kenya, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and the United States.

Michaela served two years as the campus-wide Bible study leader for Delight, a nationwide college ministry in the U.S. She dedicates her life to encouraging young women to develop healthy habits from the inside out while understanding the transformational significance of a purpose-driven life. She has a passion to empower young women to stand for their faith in a secular society and model lives that reflect the image of Christ.

Host of “Be Brave & Beautiful” Podcast

Podcast Be Brave & Beautiful with Michaela McLean